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Best to Worst: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Companions

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  • To me, Atton was basically just a darker more pissed of version of Carth. Which, especially for the feel of KotOR 2 is PERFECT! His witty banter and surprisingly deep backstory is why he snagged up the #1 spot.

  • HK-47 was ridiculously funny and incredibly abrasive and because of that i kept him with my party for most of the game and do it almost every time I play.

  • I feel this guy would've gotten more points from me if he could talk. Never-the-less he was good company and handy in the party as well as a tad bit creepy at times.

  • Canderous, Mandolore, same guy hah knew that right off the bat. Enjoyable character but once again fails to impress.

  • Kreia is evil. She is mean and rude and always hated my character. I admit I loved to hate her and it did bring an interesting aspect to the game. Nevertheless she sucks.

  • Creepy as shit robot was nice to have around but nowhere near as compelling as the other to guys on board.

  • I lean towards the light side so I only had him in my party once and I like Mire and Zaalbar more so he doesn't win on any accounts.

  • He just annoys me to no end and i refuse to recognize him as a creation of Bioware.