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Top 5 games that give you a good excuse to punch your friends.

Being a person who has friends he does not like it gives me great joy to invite them to a friendly game of Left 4 Dead 2 and then beat them up for taking your health pack without even standing up!, But then there are times where you punch them for using a blue shell in Mario Kart so here is a list of good games to punch your friends and within good reason and see another day of them buying you food.

List items

  • Oh goody 4 player action. Picking up players. Powerups for all. The unintentional for trolling in this game will give your fists a nice workout and your friends and physical and mental scar and will make sure they never take your penguin suit again.

  • And Left 4 Dead 2. With this game weather it be picking a character or someone taking yor health pack or that shotgun you use. Your similar love for thinges you need and want make this game a must have if you wanna release some steam on your zombie killing friend

  • This game is made to make you look like a jackass and if your friend is one who is not smart or has low self esteem then there will be many bruses as they drop you to your death and not figure out that you place a portal here gives you many chances to punch someone

  • How many times have you been online and some maggot as Sagot is in a corner throwing hadoukens and whatnot and your stick as Zangief defencless jumping or other cheap situations. It might work online, but when your in the room they can't throw hadoukens.

  • With so much to do its fun to see friends derp all over the game. A good ol punch puts them in place.