My Top 10 N64 games

These are my top 10 games I played in great depth on the N64, there were quite a few games \i have never gotten round to playing on the system however mainly Rare's last few platformers, as they were so hard to come by and expensive.

List items

  • Without a doubt the greatest game of all time and one that was a joy to play from start to finish.

  • The single best Wresting game I have ever played, full stop.

  • One of the games that truly sold me on the N64 the high scores had me coming back for more and more.

  • The game that started it all for the system and pretty much proof you can make a game 3D for the first time and do it right in near enough every way.

  • Refines every single thing about Goldeneye and just bumps it all up the greatest FPS to apear on the system despite having less impact than Goldeneye.

  • Arguably one of the funniest games I have ever played and great to play from start to finish.

  • While not as overall as grand as OoT it is stall an amazing adventure and anamzingly sark overall theme.

  • The game that proved it wasn't just Nintendo that could make the N64 sing and that Rare were really one of the best developers around at the time.

  • It may not have been an exclusive but the ammount squeezed onto a single cart was amazing, and the quality of the cutscenes is surprisingly good.

  • Amazingly adictive twist on the Tetris theme.