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1,117 Giant Bomb Points.

EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!
Yes, I've finally reached the 1000 Point milestone today.1,117 Points.By today, I should have about 50 more I believe.

Took me an exact week to get there.Man, it feels great.I can now freely make changes to any of the Wiki Pages.Rightful ones though.I'm not going to abuse this privilege.If I see a good write-up , I'm not going to be an ass and write over it just for points.

And yes, after you edit a Wiki Page after 1000 Points, YOU DO GET THE POINTS IMMEDIATELY.Now that I have 1000, I pledge not to upload any more images, unless I feel there has to be some for a certain article I must have.Probably character related.Time to start adding blurbs and related info and stuff.Then to make some big write-ups.

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People, time to celebrate for my 1000 Points and now that I have a working PS2! Now I can finally open Persona 3:FES! I might have Soul Calibur IV later today.