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Games That I Have had Spoiled as a Result of Being a Mod on GB

I'm truly honored being a member of the Giant Bomb mod community however it has come with its fair share of expected consequences. One of the most prevalent consequences is that wiki editing can spoil some big titles before I buy them. I'll try not to spoil anything for you guys here but it's best to be careful with this list:

List items

  • Read the character bios when people made edits. Found out who makes it and who doesn't. Not exactly happy with this one and I definitely would have preferred that that information remain a surprise for when I play the game.

  • Pretty much the same thing.

  • Read the ending while looking over some edits on the wiki page for the game...Almost threw my mouse against the wall when this happened. This was a game I absolutely did not want having spoiled...This one sucks the most of all the games on my list I mean I was PISSED when this happened.

  • Read the character bios when a user made edits to them. Found out who the Origami Killer was as a result. Again not a happy moment when this happened.

  • Deleted a thread that spoiled the ending/surprise but most importantly the motivations and motives of the various characters in the game.

  • Samus has a back-story, and an interesting one at that. Noticed that there was a wiki entry titled MB. Read that and ruined the game for myself. Don't do that

  • Not much there but the big reveal got ruined for me.

  • I was so careful as to not watch the later episodes until well over 5 months after they were published. Then I looked over some wiki edits and found out who the killer was...probably one of my angrier spoiler moments next to Red Dead Redemption.

  • While reading over edits didn't realize that Mirror's Edge actually has an involving story. So much so that I got too involved in reading the wiki entry when someone edited the wiki page....

  • Read some edits when the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run was still fresh in everyone's minds. The freshness came back to bite me in the ass (FK). I had no intention of playing Deadly Premonition anyways.

  • I might as well put every game in the Tales of series on this list but Vesperia gets the nod for being a game I actually wanted to buy but didn't after reading some tidying up edits the first month I was a mod.

  • Bought the game late and I was real careful until I first god my modship. Not a game noted for its story but knowing who the real bad guy was would have been best left to being a genuine surprise.

  • Reading over wiki edits (it should be noted this wiki is AWESOME!) and spoiled the ending. Ehh I can't play the game due to a severe lack of Sony products in my home. No biggie.

  • Wiki edits for this one. I have read about every character and relationship and even every betrayal. Not that big of an issue for me.

  • Read the wiki while looking over wiki edits. Didn't really have any desire to play this game after watching it in motion and hearing the primary complaints by reviewers and gamers alike. In my book it was unfortunate but no biggie.

  • The climax for the story was spoiled but similar to Valkyria Chronicles in that I can't play this game so whatever.

  • And the trend of Rockstar developed or presented games getting spoiled continues. After having to look over character wiki edits I read something pertaining to who, what, where, and why about the ending. I was not happy of this.

  • This is kind of an "oh well..." The spoiler here is significant but luckily I don't exactly have the greatest amount of excitement for the series where I feel angry or disappointed.

  • Someone added in the information that pertained to the big twist that everyone was making a lot of noise about when news articles supposedly spoiled it. Not that big of a deal. Also I know how the ending plays out which is again a case of "oh well..."

  • Not that happy about this one. Some big time dying happens in this game that I would have preferred if I had discovered for myself instead of reading thread titles.

  • Read over the wiki edits to some character pages related to this game. You know what I'm fine with that because I was never going to get around to playing this game anyways.

  • Who is Dust and why in the world does he not remember anything? Also just a hint it has to do something about the boxart for the game.

  • Well I was curious about spoilers and had to moderate the wiki for this games' page as always. Anyways if everything that I read is true this game sounds intense.

  • Well this was just unavoidable. MB can tell you that there was a spike in assholes who made it their business to spoil this game on the forums. By that I mean some users where putting spoilers in their forum titles...yeah nice work asshole.

  • I don't know why but I'm actually happy about having this spoiled. For some reason I played Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops but I really didn't have any motivation to play Modern Warfare 3.

  • I am a major Assassin's Creed fan. It displeased me to read about what happens at the end of Assassin's Creed III.

  • The tradition of Halo games being spoiled to me before their release continues! I still have no idea who Didact is, but the major event at the end of the game certainly was something I would have preferred being a surprise.

  • Assassin's Creed is now back on the list! Normally I but the Assassin's Creed games the week of their release, but time and budget constraints prevented that this time around, though might I add that I am still thoroughly intrigued. This came from reviewing a wiki submission pertaining to the Ubisoft/Abstergo stuff only.

  • I don't own a PS3 so it's to my benefit to see what everyone else has been crying over.