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To each and every one of you reading this; be kind, earnest, and nice to those around you.

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Ranking of Fantasies (My Rankings of Every Final Fantasy Game That I Have Beat)

Ranking of Fantasies is my effort to systematically rank every single Final Fantasy game in the history of the world. After playing any game in the franchise I use hard science to determine its quality and how it compares to its peers.

This list is IRREFUTABLE FACT! There shall be NO DEBATES ON THIS LIST! You cannot argue against FACTS AND SCIENCE MY FRIENDS!

(In order to be ranked I must have played the game to completion)

List items

  • Final Fantasy VIII is both the GREATEST and the WORST Final Fantasy game ever made.


    1) It has a groundbreaking combat system.

    2) It was created with a great deal of sincerity.


    4) Sometimes the story is good

    5) Laguna is a badass motherfucker.

    6) The battle with Ultimecia is FUCKING AMAZING!

    7) Most of the music is great.

    8) The art direction holds up well and sometimes is breathtaking.


    1) 80% of the time the story is a hot mess.

    2) Squall is an asshole for 95% of the story.

    3) Eyes on Me is a bad song.

    4) Selphie and Irvine are terrible nightmare people.

    5) The Orphanage scene is one of the worst plot twists in storytelling history.

    6) Everything about Time Compression.

    7) The end cutscene caused me to question my humanity and led to me experiencing an existential crisis.