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This will satisfy your FPS and Sci-Fi Needs

Project: Snowblind(a catchy title) released in 2004. This game is based in the future about the year 2054. Where there is bio-enhancements and mechs running around.

A little about the main character. His name is Lt. Nathan Frost, joined the army after his brother died. While he and the rest of the troops where at a ceremony the based was attacked by the Republic. After you storm through some areas and Republic scum, they drop a small nuke. The nukes is falling toward a downed comrade. Nathan then attempts to save him and the nuke blasts him back and against a statue. When he wakes up he is on a stretcher. Then you pass out and wake up with "bio-enhancements".

This game isn't too long, like a basic FPS it's story mode is short. The story mode ranges from 6-10 hours depending on if you speed through the levels for not.

During the game you get a good selection of weapons. From Pistol to a Shotgun, or Carbine to a Mine Launcher. Then there is special weapons like the H.E.A.F. which shoots electricity. Also the Rocket Launcher is a familiar weapon that is in the game. There are also a few more weapons in this game to acquire.

Another big part of this game is hacking. You get a tool called an Icepick which allows you to hack robots, doors, computers, etc.

Augmentations are your best friend in this game. Certain points of the game you acquire new ones to help you even further. Like the ability to slow time, see through walls, shield(nothing can hurt you), and Lightning. Certain items can bring up your bio power which is used up by using your augmentations. Other items that help you are Health Packs, Nano Boosters, and Grenades.

Nano Boosters can bring you back to life when you die, revive your health, and cure the "Snowblind Effect" which is when you can't use Bio powers when hit by an EMP grenade or any EMP power. Grenades vary, there are frags, riot shield, spiderbots, EMP, flash bang, and gas grenades.

This is overall a good game to play. If your not sure about it I would say rent it first. I bought it used for $17. It's is a fun FPS and can be really fun from time to time. Only downfall is no split-screen multiplayer. So only Local Network or Online multiplayer is playable for more than one person.

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