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Pyrrhon is the self-proclaimed god of the sun in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He bears an unusual level of knowledge and interest regarding the Aurum, an alien menace that threatens to destroy the world, though he claims he came across this knowledge on Divinipedia. Exuberant and eccentric, he boldly flies into the fray to combat the Aurum, and helps drive them back until only the mother ship and the Aurum Brain remain a threat. However, as Pit is about to destroy the brain, Pyrrhon flies in and without warning merges himself with it.

With his powers amplified and the Aurum at his command, Pyrrhon becomes hostile and attempts to do away with Pit as he makes his way back to the Aurum Brain. However, when Pit arrives, he discovers that it's not actually Pyrrhon that's taken control of the Aurum; the Aurum have instead taken control of him. Pit manages to destroy the Aurum Brain, causing the still-attached Pyrrhon to launch the mothership back out into deep space where it no longer poses a threat.

Pyrrhon is voiced by Troy Baker in the English language version of the game.

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