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    Queen Bean

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    Queen Bean is the ruler of the Beanbean Kingdom. Her son is Prince Peasley.

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    Queen Bean is the ruler of the Beanbean Kingdom. In addition, she is the mother of Prince Peasley. Overall, she appears to be a relatively popular and accepted leader. She can handle her kingdom quite well, even in times of crisis such as Bowletta's attack on the Beanbean Kingdom. She is a major non-playable character in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (also her only appearance). Apparently, she has a good friendship with Princess Peach, although that is not evidenced in any other games.

    While Cackletta was trying to take over the Beanbean Kingdom in the beginning of the game, she forced Queen Bean to eat a Belly Belch Worm. This transformed Queen Bean by expanding her muscles and making her only think thoughts of destruction. Thankfully, Mario and Luigi showed up and managed to subdue her. To restore her to her previous state, though, they would need the Chuckola Cola. Naturally, the brothers agree to find the drink.

    When Mario and Luigi manage to find the Chuckola Cola, they bring it back. Mario swallows it and spits it into her mouth, reviving her and turning her back into her benign (albeit large) state. She then vows to assist the brothers in any way possible. Queen Bean also has many Beanbean Advisers that help her with the affairs of the kingdom. They can be compared to Princess Peach's Mushroom Retainers.

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