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Bowletta, a combination of Bowser and Cackletta.
Bowletta, a combination of Bowser and Cackletta.

Cackletta is the main antagonist in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. She is an evil witch who lives in the Beanbean Kingdom. Although she does look a little stranger than other Beanish, she is of that species as well. She is usually accompanied by Fawful.

In the beginning of the game, Cackletta stole Princess Peach's voice (and replaced it with a rather "explosive" voice) and then stole the Beanstar. The Beanstar can be activated by a beautiful voice, and then the Beanstar will grant one wish. Cackletta hoped to take over the Beanbean Kingdom, and then the Mushroom Kingdom. Her plan backfires, however, when it is revealed that the real Princess Peach was switched out with Birdo, causing the Beanstar to be infuriated. Mario and Luigi tracked Cackletta down when this was happening, and fought her until she couldn't move. Fawful then absorbed Cackletta into his headgear.

Cackletta ordered Fawful to search for someone who she can possess (as she was a ghost). They find Bowser lying unconscious in Stardust Fields, so Cackletta enters his body, creating Bowletta. Now, not only does she have her Beanbean minions, but she can also control Bowser's minions. She decides to try and carry out her plan once again. She succeeds in capturing Princess Peach, and then holds her ransom for the Beanstar. Of course, they decide to agree to the trade, but they give Bowletta a fake Beanstar.

When Fawful sees right through this ploy, Mario and Luigi come up with a new idea. Luigi has one of Princess Peach's extra dresses, so he puts it on and then tricks Bowletta and Fawful into thinking that he is the real Princess Peach and the one they have is fake. When they take Luigi onto the Koopa Cruiser, however, they realize the truth (Luigi makes a getaway, though).

Bowletta then hides in Bowser's Keep, and hatches a new plan (after finally realizing that her original plan won't work). She decides that destroying the Beanbean Kingdom and then Mario and Luigi would probably work. She destroys Beanbean Castle Town, and then lures the brothers to Bowser's Keep. They successfully destroy all of her defenses, however, and even manage to defeat Cackletta's final ghost form.

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