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    Quest Tracking

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    Quest tracking is a common theme in RPGs and open-world adventure games, whereby the game monitors, records, and occasionally directs the player as to his next mission.

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    Quest tracking is a convenient tool in video games that give the player quests or missions to complete in either a set or random order. It is especially useful when side (optional) quests are available that the player would like to return to at a later time.

     The Morrowind Journal was full of information, but highly disorganized.
     The Morrowind Journal was full of information, but highly disorganized.
    In some video games, the quest tracking can be an integral part of the world. In Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, for example, quest tracking was done by means of an in-game journal. While the role-playing aspect of this technique is attractive, its usefulness was hampered by pages of text in a disordered (though chronological) style. Later expansions to the game addressed the issue with a more organized journal.
    For MMORPGS especially, quest tracking is vitally important. World of Warcraft has set the standard for what quest tracking should provide. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to):
    • Quest Title
    • Quest Text (what should be done)
    • Quest Description (story-oriented)
    • The Quest Giver
    • The Items Required to complete the quest (if applicable)
    • The rewards gained (xp, gold, items) for completing the quest
    • Quest Level (to determine if the player is prepared)
    • Quest Location (name of area, zone, etc.)
    • Quest Type (e.g. Raid, Solo, Dungeon)
    • Quest Marker (where on map the player should go)
    • Quest Status (completed or not)
    • The ability share quests with other players 
    • The option to abandon quests (in this case, the player can usually return to the quest giver to obtain it once again)
    • The ability to actively track quests on a HUD element
    • The ability to see what other party members have the same quests

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