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Rachael is an agent of FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission), however as soon as she's located by Jill Valentine of the BSAA she is killed by an Ooze zombie. Jill investigates the corpse but can't accurately find an identity.

Later on when returning to the area, Rachael's corpse is missing and in its stead is a diary entry written by Rachael that depicts her undergoing some form of horrific transformation. Shortly after Rachael makes herself known, now shown to have reanimated into an Ooze zombie herself, and attacks Jill. Rachael will from here on make a number of scripted appearances as an extremely durable miniboss, one that players don't necessarily have to always 'kill' to proceed. As an Ooze zombie she contains all of the same attacks as a regular one, although she does also appear to retain some level of self-awareness as she has the ability to speak to some degree. Nonetheless, there is no means to save her and she will persist as a BOW antagonist throughout the rest of the game.

For Resident Evil: Revelation's HD rerelease, Rachael is included in the game's Raid Mode as a playable character. Her specialities are with shotguns, and she also has the slight ability to regenerate health. Her Ooze transformation was also eventually released as character DLC for Raid Mode as well, to which has a stronger degree of health regeneration.

In the sequel Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Rachael makes a cameo appearance in the debut ''concept teaser'' for the game. She was also eventually added into Raid Mode in her human form as a costume for the Gina Foley character.


  • Though not actually included in the full game, there exists a scene depicting Rachael's exploration of the Queen Zenobia ship leading up to her death.

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