Some wacky ass shitis going on with the multiplayer

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I recently jumped into Red Dead Redemptions' multiplayer yesterday after taking a good two year break from it.... and..... well, everything has gone completely WACK! Once I spawned, the first thing I noticed is that all of my weapons were invisible. No visual model or capability of being able to shoot them were shown. Next, players were showing on the mini map, but were completely invisible in the actual game. I was perfectly able to talk to them through mic chat, but their player model was nonexistant. Unfortunantley, it doesn't end there... it seems that every single civilian NPC has been replaced by a man with a checkerd red shirt. More than 95% of the time, they will all be laying on the floor begging for help. If you decide to kill one of them by using melee, they will sometimes MULTIPLY into 20 more of the same red checkered civilian laying on the floor. At some point, I was basically walking through a sea of them. The worst part about all this wacky shit is that its on EVERY single multiplayer match you'll attempt to join. It doesn't help that it permanently freezes my PS3 at complete random either.

Now, the odd thing about this entirety of the situation is that this has supposily been happening ever since Augest 2013, near GTA V's release. After doing a bit of internet research, it seems all of this is related to a modder named MATRIX. On the day GTA V released, he decided to try out a few mods on the online servers. Little did he know, it would permanently screw up the mutiplayer servers, spreading like a virus throughout every single one to exist.

The modder himself actually admits to creating the "apocalypse" on this thread.

Now I know Rockstar has been busy with the release of GTAV lately... although, this accidental apocalypse mod has been infecting the entire game's multiplayer for months now. I find it quite odd that they have done absolutely nothing to fix this... even more so that no gaming news sites or video game journalists haven't announced this problem to the public as of yet. It sure would make for an interesting article....

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This is pretty amazing

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What? No way.

I will have to try this out when I got home.

If this is true it is pretty mindblowing that no one has reported on it.

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I hadn't played this game since it originally released, I know it had its problems but the multiplayer seemed pretty good. Hopefully they can get it taken care of so the experience isn't completely ruined going forward.

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Impossible, I can't find any mention of this anywhere and youtube doesn't have any video of recent issues with RDR. If this is not some kind of useless troll post you might want to make some video because this stuff sounds crazy and I could see a lot of people being interested.

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@pyrodactyl: I dont have any capture cards sadly, but I can still record it off screen tonight. Also, there a multiple mentionings of this problem through

rockstar support threads. I'm going into class in a bit, but ill try to find a few to link before then.

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What you mean highly regarded geams jernulzm experts Kotaku never picked up on this earth shattering news? I for one am shocks.

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@wolfgame: Thank you good sir. Here is some more information as well.

BTW, it sounds like this is mostly related to the PS3 version, after reading up about it a bit more.

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Their support page for this is beyond pathetic. lol come on Rockstar.

If you google youtube red dead glitch and set the time to within last month you will find tons of videos, though maybe not all have to do with the specific problems mentioned here.

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YOU'RE TALKING LIKE THIS IS A BAD THING. You just convinced me to put Red Dead Redemption back into my 360. Which definitely wouldn't have happened if you were reporting that the community was 'alive and well, and the game holds up just like it once did.' Who gives a shit? I want chaos.

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This is crazy, I just found this on youtube:

It's got the flannel guy but he doesn't spawn like crazy when he's killed but he does have invisible arms. No disappearing guns and I don't think the person in the video ran into any other players.

Loading Video...

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Red Dead, best game of 2010 Im sorry Alan Wake.

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