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Outshines GTAIV!

Tweet: Outshines GTAIV with it's gorgeous and free-flowing environments, simply stunning!

Recommendation: BUY @ $60 (full price)

. As usual with Rockstar, Story and characters are second to none, shocking ending
. A living breathing world that pulls you in, very immersive
. Top notch voice acting
. Lots to do, you could be 15-20 hours in and still have something you haven't done yet
. Improved gameplay mechanics over GTA
. Mini-Games are very entertaining, played Poker for at least an hour or two

. Even though avoided it the first 20-25 hours, fast travel is too many clicks away
. Needs a quicker quick save
. Some quirky controls such as dead eye or dueling, needs work
. Upgrade/reward system is lacking, not enough incentives
. CO-OP poorly implemented, boring
. Needs story related DLC

A few words:
With little to no expectations, I was completely blown away with what Red Dead Redemption had to offer especially that its predecessors were average at best. Rockstar took its latest GTA engine and added a slew of new features that provided much more variety and less repetition that typically plagues open world gaming.

What really helped was the western environment and natural setting compared to the gray dull congested urban context that Liberty City offers. No more running into lampposts, cars or pedestrians but just riding your horse into the sunset while enjoying the view rather than escaping obstacles, simply outstanding!

Mini games were very entertaining, I even bought the Pirates of the Carribean's Dice boardgame after enjoying Liar's Dice in game. The poker game is arguably better implemented than Xbox Live Arcade's Texas Hold'em dedicated poker game. It's hard not to appreciate every detail that the world offers, the horses, the wildlife, from plains to canyons to mountains, even gathering flowers was entertaining!

Game of the year as of July, I suspect it might make I till December at the top especially if Rockstar adds story related DLC. Absolute must-buy as far as I am concerned!

Note: My main focus was the single player and CO-OP, not a big fan of competitive multiplayer especially for open world games.    
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Posted By outlawtotheend

I'm 22 and a half hours in and I've still got challenges, stanger missions, achievements and outfits to get plus I've barely played any multiplayer... 

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