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Hoping for a Reboot

Resident Evil 5 is by far one of the worst in the series. That’s not to say it isn’t a good game. It just doesn’t feel like 1,2 or 3 at all. There is no feeling of being lost and hopeless in an apocalyptic zombie ridden city. I understand that since the good old days of PS One that gaming has greatly evolved but that’s not to say we should cast aside some awesome games as they might be a bit too complex or similar to their predecessors.

This completion of the game was my 2nd and professional both at the same time. I love the Co-op in the game as I do with most. I think it always gives that grounded old school feel when you and a partner can share the experience side by side. There really is nothing like it.

The game itself is well made and has it’s fun moments as well as a return of a much loved villain in the series. With a very basic run, stop and shoot mechanic the game can become tedious on professional as picking when to shoot and when to run in linear landscapes can prove taxing rather than exhilarating. As well as parts of the game where you have to shoot certain enemies in special vehicles or with a gatling gun can also prove difficult.

If you are struggling I’m sure you can always just change the difficulty complete the game in 5 hours and get the infinite rocket launcher AKA “The Ultimate Game Breaker”. This baby drops all who stare it down with one fell swoop and kills those surrounding it within a bloody good radius, aside from you of course who will casually recoil amongst the engorging flames as if it was a warm summer breeze.

The game now has a Gold edition and has had for some time. So if you are thinking of picking you should definitely consider that as an option as you can benfit from some pretty good DLC.

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