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    Resistance 3

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 06, 2011

    In the third game in Insomniac's Resistance franchise, you will play as Joseph Capelli, murderer of previous protagonist Nathan Hale, as he journeys across the Chimera-controlled United States.

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    Be a part of the resistance, one more time. 1

    Resistance 3 is the game experience I wanted out of Resistance 2. That is not to say Resistance 2 was a bad game – although many believed it to be – it just left me a little disappointed. The first game was a pleasant surprise from Insomniac Games, whose previous work had been exclusively 3d platform games, albeit with an action feel to them. It showed promise, with an interesting concept and Insomniac's penchant for insane weapons, it had the making of a strong series for the Playstation 3. But...

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    One of the most fun and frantic shooters you can find. 0

    Sony has been pushing the third chapter of the constant collision between humanity and the Chimeran invaders (though they're now our landlords more than anything) pretty hard since it's official announcement in 2010; playing through the games fantastic single player campaign will show you why. Even with the sacrifices Resistance 3 made over its predeccesor within the multiplayer department, its campaign easily ranks as the best within the main series.Four years after Resistance 2 and humanity is...

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    The Apex Of A Great Series 0

    Insomniac's Resistance franchise might be the most inconsistant series of games I've played. The original game's dark and foreboding atmosphere gave way to cheesy male bravado in the second. The mechanics were significantly "overhauled," leading to fan outcry on the internet when the game ended up playing just like Halo. And then there was Resistance Retribution for the PSP, which was a third person cover-based shooter, because hey, why the hell not. Tonally, Resistance 3 is a sort of homecoming...

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    Resistance 3 Review: Resist one more time 0

    The Resistance series has been the darker franchise for Insomniac, who are better known for their Ratchet and Clank games. While Resistance has been a strong series I never felt that it was special or achieving its potential the way Ratchet and Clank does. I was a bit underwhelmed by Resistance 2 despite its solid mechanics, as the game was just not all that memorable. Resistance 3 changes this trend, upping the production values of the series, improving on a technical and mechanical level, and ...

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    Fun but forgettable... 0

    Resistance 3 is a hard game for me to form a final opinion on. I'm not sure if I actually liked it or not. To get this out of the way rather quickly I did not dislike the game at all. I'm just very split between fully enjoying it or simply liking it enough to finish it. Thinking about the experience while typing this I feel it was honestly in between those two. It was better than many games that I've liked enough just to finish but at the same time I won't be raving about the experience or remem...

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    The End of Humanity Has Never Felt So Good 0

    November 17th, 2006.It feels like so long ago that I first purchased my PS3 and with it, a copy of the finest launch title available, Resistance: Fall of Man. I had so much fun with that game and it really set me up for all the good times that would be on the way for my PS3 and I. It wasn't a perfect game, and admittedly even as an FPS, it had a few rough edges. But I was so impressed by the bleak atmosphere and large-scale battles that it didn't matter as much.Resistance 2 was a set-back, altho...

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    For once, things do end with a bang 2

    If recent news stories turn out to be true, then it's too bad Insomniac might not personally make a new entry in the Resistance franchise because for all intents and purposes, they pretty much nailed what the franchise should feel like. From the tone and pacing of the campaign, to the graphics and the engine and to smaller but very important changes such as the return of the weapon wheel, Resistance 3 improves on its predecessor in nearly every way. But there is some unfortunate omissions and if...

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    One of the finest First-Person Shooter in the market! 0

    Like many hardcore gamers these days, I rush to a local gamestore to pick up a game on their midnight releases.I don't pick up all games on their midnight release but for some reason, Resistance 3 had me excited. Maybe it's the 3 years of a Resistance game being absent on PS3 or it could also be because of abysmal summer games that gamers experienced this year. Anyway, I have work in the morning so usually I don't get to play the game right away (I do have time to sniff game manuals though). Tha...

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    Resistance: Story Time 0

    Insomniac Games has been one of my favorite developers of all time, and while some people did not like Resistance 2 at all, I quite enjoyed it, but Resistance 3 is by far the best First Person Shooter Insomniac Games has developed thus far.Playing through the single player of this game was one of the best story experiences I had had this year. They did a wonderful job making me genuinely care about the characters and what happens to them within the game. This could aslo be because I have been in...

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    A varied and memorable shooter. 0

    The simpler, more iconic box art is great.Resistance 3 is a colorful, remarkable shooter in the dull sea of annual iterations of games in the same genre. It speaks volumes against the argument that all shooters are the same, and no one tries to innovate. Sure, it takes cues from other shooters in some spots but the story, setting, characters, and weapons are definitely new, fresh, and all its own.In Resistance 3, you play as Joseph Capelli the killer of Nathan Hale, who has been the series main ...

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    lessons not learned. 0

    When the first thing you see as you start up the third game in a series is a motion comic for an intro, it sets the bar. Now story telling never has been Resistance’s strong point, which is a shame. As the setting Insomniac have made is one of the best of this generations. A world in which an alien virus has caused world war 2 to never happen. Instead an alien invasion by the Chimera happens, humans turned alien, a mixture of virus, cybernetics and war machines of sizes varying from small to sky...

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    My Resistance 3 Review 0

    It is arguable that the Resistance series is one of the best exclusives for the PlayStation 3. Although most would say the second game of the series is horrible. I on the other hand found the second game mostly enjoyable. Even though I do agree with some of the gripes people had with it, including the lack of a weapon wheel which should have never been taken out. With all of that said, Resistance 3 is by far the best of them all. It is dark, depressing and gritty yet at the same time has some ve...

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    A strong end to a slightly disappointing series 0

    I almost didn’t play Resistance 3. Having been merely satisfied with the first Resistance, I played Resistance 2 eagerly. That game was almost a disaster, thanks to all of the changes made by the airheaded dolts in the Marketing Department to make the game more like Call of Duty and Halo. Resistance 3 returns to its roots, and makes a few improvements too. The weapon wheel is back, and, along with it, the ability to kill enemies in about 20 interesting ways at any one time. This game presents a ...

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    Resistance 3 Review 0

    Resistance's time as a series seemed to be limited even as the first one released. It just didn't feel fresh enough, important enough, nothing blew you away, it seemed to lie on the back of other franchises with its own little spins and the second game brought game play elements in from other games of the time, while removing the more interesting, unique aspects. Resistance 3 is absolutely a step in the right direction, taking what they learned from Resistance 2, whilst also reversing some of t...

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    A decent sequel, and a decent end to a franchise. 0

    Taking place four years after previous game, the story follows Joe Capelli who sets out on a final mission to destroy the Chimera once and for all, who have decided to eradicate humanity as a result of a cure for the virus being created. Sadly, after this, no other games were planned. There was serious consideration for a 4th game in 2013, but nothing ever came of it since.Capelli is now much more developed and interesting in this game. While he still has some anger issues, he's more relaxed and...

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