A Top 100 Games of the Decade List

This list only consists of games I've beaten or ones I feel I've really spent a good chunk of time with (probably at least 20 hours.)

I still haven't gotten into the Souls games and I never hopped on the Rogue-like craze so none of those will probably be on here.

And of course, there are tons and tons of games I'm looking forward to playing in the coming years. I might edit this list as I continue to knock off games of this decade in the years to come. Or who knows, it could stay as just a snapshot of today 11/24/2019. I will make a note of it if I change things around after the fact.

I'm gonna try and order this thing...


12/09/2019 - I forgot about Ghost Trick. Added that (#58) and knocked out Donut County.

List items