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    Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 14, 2013

    A collaboration between Vlambeer (Super Crate Box), Zach Gage (SpellTower), and Greg Wohlwend (Puzzle Juice), telling a story of persistence, redemption, and an extravagantly unorthodox fishing technique.

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    As befits the subject matter, the vast majority of your time in this game will be spent quietly sitting on a boat, fishing. Well, "quietly" is probably a poor choice of words, and "fishing" is debatable too.

    Each fishing attempt consists of three segments:

    • The Cast: Once you tap the screen to start the cast, your lure descends automatically. You can move it left and right by tilting the device. Various species of fish swim left and right through the depths. Your job in this stage is to avoid touching a fish for as long as possible.
    • The Reel: Eventually, during the cast, one of three things will happen: your lure will touch a fish, you will reach the limits of your fishing line, or you will hit rock bottom. At that point, you begin reeling the lure back upwards automatically. You still move the lure left and right by tilting the device, and now your goal is to touch as many fish as possible (with the exception of jellyfish and a few other nuisance varieties of fish which can lower the value of your haul). Your lure will frequently have dozens of fish dangling from it by the time it returns to the surface.
    • The Slaughter: Your fish will frequently have dozens of fish dangling from it by the time it returns to the surface. Those fish will now all detach from the lure and go flying high into the sky (don't ask). Your job is now to shoot them all (I said don't ask), by tapping on each fish to blow it into a bloody mist. You receive cash for each fish that you manage to destroy before it falls back into the water (DON'T ASK). If you collected jellyfish or nuisance fish earlier, shooting them will subtract cash.


    Once a fishing attempt is done, you can start another, or take your cash to the store and purchase from a well-stocked collection of upgrades.

    Your lure has the most interesting selection of available upgrades. You can add a toaster and then a hairdryer, giving your lure the ability to automatically zap the first one or two fish that touch it during The Cast, thus letting you make a mistake or two without triggering The Reel. You can also add a chainsaw attachment that lets you tap and hold during The Cast to pulp any fish touching your line, though the use of the chainsaw is tied to the amount of gas that has been purchased. Adding a lamp, which is critical for long casts, lets you see, avoid, and catch the fish at the very bottom.

    The fishing line can be upgraded, making it longer; different weapons can be purchased, giving you machine guns that let you just tap and hold rather than separately tapping each fish, or even dual-wielded guns that let you use two fingers; and your outfit can be changed, including a snazzy tie that convinces the shopkeeper to pay you more cash for your hauls.

    The Map

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    Ridiculous Fishing includes four levels. Three levels have specific end depths, and the last is infinite. Each level can be chosen once unlocked on the map. To unlock a new area, the fisherman must catch a designated amount of fish before promotion.

    • Home Waters (300m)
    • Stormy Seas (500m)
    • Arctic Floes (700m)
    • The Maelstrom (∞m)

    Game Soundtrack

    All music in game is done by Elrik Suhrke.

    1. Begin ( 01:41)
    2. Home Waters - down (01:31)
    3. Home Waters - up (01:18)
    4. Action (00:30)
    5. Stormy Seas - down (01:38)
    6. Stormy Seas - up (01:20)
    7. Arctic Floes - down (01:43)
    8. Arctic Floes - up (1:29)
    9. Store (00:32)
    10. Maelstrom - down (02:58)
    11. Maelstrom - up (02:42)
    12. End (02:06)
    13. Alternative end (unused) (01:19)
    14. Proto Seas (unused) (01:42)


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