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    RoboCop 3

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 18, 1992

    A side-scrolling action game based on the movie sequel of the same name. It was published on various consoles by Ocean, and is not to be confused with its FPS PC counterpart RoboCop 3D.

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    RoboCop 3 is an action/shooter game based on the third RoboCop movie. Flying Edge, Acclaim and Ocean were responsible for its development, and the game was published on every console of the period. The console version of RoboCop 3 largely followed the blueprint of the first RoboCop game with its side-scrolling run and gun action. The NES version had a unique feature of its own, with RoboCop incurring damage in his individual body parts that could be repaired between levels.

    RoboCop 3D, which was made at the same time and loosely based on the same movie, was also published by Ocean for home computers such as the Amiga, Atari ST and PC but was developed by Digital Image Design instead. It has considerably different gameplay, focusing on first-person shooter gameplay with an engine that uses early examples of polygonal graphics.

    The OCP Rehab officers have rolled into Old Detroit, demolishing the homes of hapless families to make way for the construction of OCP's Delta City. Armed with a jetpack and arm attachment with large-bore cannons RoboCop attempts to ward off the corporate overlords and defend the rights of citizens.

    Critical Reception

    When the NES version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following scores, 6,6,5,6 adding, "...Ocean has taken the extra time and effort to make this sequel a much better playing game. Enemies comes (sic) from everywhere, but you have a very limited shooting range".


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