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    Digital Image Design Ltd.

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    Digital Image Design was a british game developer, known primarily for it's military flight simulators.

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    Founded in 1989 by Martin Kenwright and Phillip Allsopp as Piercingautomatic Limited (shortly thereafter renamed Digital Image Design Limited), DID mainly focused on making flight simulators for home computer platforms, and had it's games published by Ocean Software. Some of their most notable games were TFX, the most realistic military flight simulator at the time of release, Epic, a series of story heavy sci-fi space sims with a heavily Battlestar Galactica inspired plot, EF2000, an more arcade style flight simulator which gained notoriety for it's large scale dynamic war campaign, and Wargasm, a complex hybrid of real-time strategy and first person shooter which took advantage of the latest technology of the time, the Pentium III and it's new SSE instructions, to the fullest. In their last few years, they shifted focus from hardcore flight simulators to more beginner friendly arcade combat flight games.

    Digital Image Design was acquired by Ocean Software in 1998, who became Infogrames in 1999, an acquisition that was not liked by many of the employees - Martin Kenwright left with 6 other staff members to found Evolution Studios with Psygnosis' co-founder Ian Hetherington, and DID was shortly thereafter sold by Infogrames to Rage Games Limited, whose remaining employees formed Juice Games as Rage went under in 2003. At it's peak, DID had around 80 employees.


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