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    Despite being a British nobleman, Nathaniel "Rock" Adams fights like a savage, bearing enormous hammers and clubs in combat and wearing the pelts of dangerous animals as his armour. His enormous body was the inspiration for the murderous golem, Astaroth.

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    Nathanial Adams was born in England to wealthy family. His father was a dealer in rare weapons and had bid on Soul Edge in a secret auction. On the return trip, their ship was attacked by the pirate Cervantes de Leon. As they were boarded, Nathan's father went to hide the great sword from Cervantes, telling Nathan to stay where he was. Before his father could return, the ship had been destroyed, leaving Nathan to wash up on the shores of the new world. As he aged, he learned to live off the land. When he attempted to join a native tribe they refused, fearing he would harm them as the "White Giant." The only person who would befriend him was a small native boy. His name was Bangoo, who's parents had died during a war with another tribe. Rock became a father for the boy.

    With only limited memory oh his parents and Soul Edge, Rock set out to learn of his past in the new world, knowing only that Soul Edge was somehow connected. During a battle with Sophitia, he realized that he had left Bangoo alone. Frought with guilt, he returned with no more memory than before.

    Fygul Cestmus, an evil cult, wanted to create a warrior who would slay all of their enemies. Seeing the White Giant in action, the cult had Rock ambushed and captured, and his body was then magically duplicated, resulting in the creation of a golem with all of Rock's physical strength but a murderous, evil mind, dedicated to killing everyone who crossed its path and furthering the cause of Fygul Cestmus, this golem, Astaroth, was sent out to obtain Soul Edge. Despite Astaroth's strength, and the enormous enchanted axe they provided for him, the cult decided they needed a stronger soul in their creation, and decided to try to steal Rock's very soul, so as to perfect their creation. They kidnapped Bangoo, knowing that Rock would follow. Rock left immediately for Europe. This time, for Bangoo.

    Soul Edge Ending

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    Rock had finally seized the SoulEdge. Evil be the sword, so evil be it's power. To touch the sword, Rock lost his strength, visions of fears fill up jis head. A mother's smile, a father's warmth, a filling warm meal, a nice soft bed. Cherished are his memories of these times ago. His mind turns to Bangoo, for he wants to be there. This young child needs his protection, like he long ago. This quest for the sword did take him away, now it is time to return. Rock chooses to live life in present and fears not what the future will bring. He gathers his things and starts his way home.

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