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    Rocket Artillery

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    Rocket artillery is any platform, and it's own rocket ordinance, designed to fire with some accuracy towards a distant enemy. The distance involved usually means they must be fired indirectly.

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    Rocket Artillery is used as a Fire Support Module, utilizing High Velocity Rockets to fire on one position at long range, these guns have garnered a reputation of being an effective artillery module in the armed forces.

    Many people don't know this but Rocket Artillery was invented by Germany in WWII, through the use of the Nebelwerfer, the Rocket Artillery was invented. Nicknamed the Screaming Meemie's, these guns garnered a reputation of being an effective artillery piece, easy to move, and good when used as a shoot and scoot piece, while this piece (Used on a Howitzer mount) has been rendered useless, they were soon mounted on trucks by the Russian's, this gave born to the Rocket Artillery (Self-Propelled Guns) revolution.

    These guns cannot used like Self-Propelled guns, these rockets have been pre-mounted into the Rocket Pod's, so they must utilize Shoot-and-Scoot tactic's, this means that they must find a good firing position, fire most or all rocket's into the called in position, after the set number of rocket's have been fired, the self-propelled mount must scoot off before the enemy see's him (Rocket's leave a streak of smoke, making them easy to find).

    This form of artillery has been considered a wild success, mainly in there service in Afghanistan, a notable system, known to the public as the M270 MRLS (Multiple-Rocket-Launching-System) has been nicknamed by the Iraqi soldier's as "Steel Rain".

    Tactical Consideration's and development process, when developing such an advanced system, you must consider what this mount must be capable of, notably it must have high-speeds to get away, and it would be advantageous to have more than 12 rocket's launched from the system. Two types of mount's might be used, a tank mount, or the Truck mount, Armed forces use the Tank mount most often, due to it having better armor to protect the merchandise, but the truck is more advantageous due to it being faster and logistically more sound.

    Tactically again must be used to fire and run, radio operators in the field can only call them in once due to them having to run off after firing there cargo, although they can be heavily relied on due to there accuracy and long-range capabilities.


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