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Rundas was born on Phrygis, a moon of planet Bes III which the Galactic Federation uses for ice mining operations. Phrygisians have the ability to create and manipulate ice, but Rundas is one of the few to use these powers as a bounty hunter. He is extremely cocky and arrogant, considering himself unmatched in the field. Despite this, he has a strong sense of justice, and while he commonly only accepts solo missions, he respects other powerful Hunters like Samus Aran.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Rundas, along with Samus, Ghor and Gandrayda, is called to the GFS Olympus and ordered by Fleet Admiral Dane of the Galactic Federation to investigate and stop the corruption of Aurora Units by Phazon. After the briefing, the Olympus comes under attack by Space Pirates. After combating the threat on the Olympus, Rundas and the other Hunters head down onto the surface of Norion to counter the Space Pirate attack on the planets surface. Rundas succeeds in repairing one of Norions sabotaged Generators, as well as saving Samus' life after she battles Ridley, rescuing her before she hits the bottom of the shaft where the battle takes place. He then heads to the control tower with the other Hunters to reactivate the planets defense cannon, where they are attacked by Dark Samus, who fires a concentrated burst of Phazon at the group.

Rundas awakens two weeks later to find his body is naturally producing Phazon, being fitted with a PED (Phazon Enhancement Device), allowing him to regulate the flow of Phazon and channel it into his attacks with devastating results. The Galactic Federation send Rundas to Bryyo to confront the Leviathan there, but after one week of investigation, Rundas succumbs to Phazon madness and is corrupted, coming under the control of Dark Samus. Samus visits Bryyo two weeks later to investigate what happened to Rundas and to finish his mission of destroying the Leviathan. Eventually, Samus confronts the Phazon-mad Rundas who attacks her immediately.

Samus prepares to face the Phazon-mad Rundas
Samus prepares to face the Phazon-mad Rundas
Rundas begins the fight by coating himself in ice armor before gliding around the arena, landing periodically to fire waves of ice at Samus that will freeze her, as well as jumping on the ice pillars dotted around the arena to generate large chunks of ice to throw at Samus. Firing enough power beam or missiles (of which the latter are very effective) at Rundas will stun him, allowing Samus to run up and rip off his armor with the grapple beam, leaving a short space of time to enter Hyper Mode and pump shots into Rundas before he regenerates his armor. When low on health, Rundas will enter Hyper Mode himself, generating an enormous icicle which is hard to dodge and deals a large amount of damage to Samus. As mentioned earlier, missiles are very effective at stunning Rundas, but sometimes he will put up an ice shield and deflect them. Eventually, Rundas will fall, losing control of his powers and impaling himself on a pillar of ice. A ghostly Dark Samus appears from Rundas' corpse, absorbing him before disappearing into thin air, leaving behind the Ice Missile powerup.

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