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Planet Norion is one of the locations Samus Aran visits in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The site of a major Galactic Federation Base, Norion falls under attack by Space Pirates early in the game, sabotaging the planets defense systems, and Samus and her fellow Hunters, Rundas, Gandrayda and Ghor, are sent to stop the threat. While the battle rages, a Leviathan sent from the planet Phaaze appears in orbit above Norion on a crash course for the planets surface. Samus and her fellows race to rearm the defenses and destroy the Leviathan before it can impact on Norion and corrupt it.

The main inhabitants of Norion are the Galactic Federation members stationed there. Not much is known about the planet other than the base, but it is assumed that the planet is hospitable for humans and other flora and fauna. While the in-game area of the base is fairly small, signs and schematics found in the base imply that it stretches far, both over and underground. Samus also encounters invading Space Pirates, her arch-nemesis Ridley, and has a brief altercation with the shadowy Dark Samus.

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