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    Rune Factory

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    An off-shoot of the Harvest Moon series that combines the traditional farming and relationship courting of Harvest Moon with dungeon-crawling RPG mechanics.

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    Rune Factory is an off shoot of the Harvest Moon franchise. It retains several staples of the series, such as tending to crops, raising animals, and maintaining relationships with the villagers. However, it adds several new features to the game, most notably combat and dungeon crawling. Another common element is item crafting; the player can use items found or harvested to create weapons, armor, accessories and potions, or use in cooking. Items crafted can then be used to aid the player in dungeons. The stories of each game tends to center around a protagonist who wakes up in a village without his memories and settles down on a farm to investigate.

    The original Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon was released in the same year as Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon. Though both games were intended to spark new directions outside of the traditional Harvest Moon formula, Innocent Life wasn't as successful as its fantasy counterpart and has yet to see a sequel.


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