Russell Northrop

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    The leader of the Bullies clique in Bully.

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    Russell is a giant of a boy. He is a stereotypical bully, huge and brainless. He is quick to pick on those weaker than him and directs those who follow him to do the same. His mannerisms and expressions are similar to that of the Hulk, particularly in his catchphrase: "Russell smash!". He is also easy to delude, quickly rising to anger when faced with Gary Smith's unsubstantiated claims about what someone said about his mother. He is also fiercely loyal to those who earn his respect.


    Russell is the first major rival of Jimmy Hopkins, and torments him throughout the first chapter of the game. However, when Jimmy defeats him in man-to-man combat, Russell gains respect for him, and becomes one of Jimmy's staunchest allies, right alongside Pete Kowalski. Russell is one of the few to stick by Jimmy after the events at the beginning of Chapter 5, and plays a major role during several late game missions.

    Boss Behavior

    Russell acts as the first boss in Bully, and as such is not terribly difficult to defeat. He has two major attacks. The first he will use right off the bat. This attack involves Russell charging headlong at Jimmy, oblivious to his location in the arena. This is easily dodged, and doing so will cause Russell to crash into the wall, which briefly stuns him.

    The second of his attacks he begins to use after taking a bit of a beating. He charges at Jimmy, but this time in a more targeted fashion, running after him until he gets tired. The only way to dodge this attack is to keep running. If caught, Russell puts Jimmy in a wrestling move, forcing the player to mash the triangle button to escape. The longer you are in this move, the more damage is taken. If this move is dodged, he becomes vulnerable for a few brief seconds as he stops to catch his breath.

    In addition to these attacks, when not stunned Russell has a high block and counterattack rate.

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