Ryoga Hibiki

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    Ranma's rival in Ranma 1/2. He is a person with no sense of direction who is constantly lost, has a ridiculously heavy umbrella, and transforms into a small black pig named P-chan when struck with cold water.

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    Ryoga Hibiki is a recurring character in the anime and manga series Ranma 1/2 and rival of the protagonist Ranma Saotome. His sense of direction is non-existent. He once agreed to fight Ranma at a spot located right around the corner from his house and got completely lost, unable to find the location for four days. He wields a heavily weighted umbrella as a weapon.

    In his search to fight Ranma, Ryoga stumbled across the cursed springs of Jusenkyo and fell into the spring of drowned pig. As a result, he turns into a small black pig whenever splashed with cold water. He subsequently manages to find a way to make life hell for Ranma when Akane, unaware of Ryoga's curse, adopts the pig as her pet "P-chan."


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