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Ryou is the younger twin sister of Kyou. She is the class representative of Tomoya's and Youhei's class. The difference between Ryou and Kyou is that Ryou has short hair, blue eyes, and her hair ornament is attached to her right lock of hair.

Ryou is a poor cook and she leaves the cooking to her sister Kyou. On the other hand, Ryou is great at housework. Ryou is obsessed with fortune telling and she divines fortunes using playing cards. She is popular among her fellow female classmates because they love having their fortune told. Ryou's fortune telling is not very accurate though.

Ryou later revealed that she wished to become a nurse.


Ryou was first seen giving Tomoya a handout and advising him to arrive in class on time. The next day, she does the same, but Tomoya ignored her. If Tomoya apologizes, she volunteers to divine Tomoya's fortune. Tomoya woke up early the next day and discovered the prediction to be not very accurate. Ryou divined his fortune again and hinted that he will meet a protector girl.

The next morning, Kyou rammed Tomoya with her scooter. That Tuesday, Tomoya skipped class to find Botan at the school gates. Ryou requested him to return to class and Botan display animosity towards her.

Fujibayashi Twins' path

Kyou wanted to pair Ryou up with Tomoya.

Lunch with Kyou and Ryou
Lunch with Kyou and Ryou

2 days later, Kyou sent Tomoya to have lunch at the schoolyard with Ryou. Ryou explained that Kyou is a great cook. Ryou picked a grain of rice from Tomoya's mouth and ate it. She suddenly realized that it was a form of indirect kiss and ran away in embarrassment. Back in class, Ryou was acting rather awkward around Tomoya.

The next day, Kyou sent Tomoya to meet Ryou at the school gates after school. She brought him to town and used a horoscope machine at the arcade. The result was rather ambiguous. The following day, Ryou had Kyou deliver her love letter to Tomoya and she confessed her feelings for Tomoya.

On Monday, Ryou requested Kyou to ask Tomoya if he prefers long or short hair. If the player chooses short, Kyou pestered Ryou to invite him for a date. If the player chooses long, Ryou decides to grow her hair out. That Thursday, Ryou attempted to cook lunch but it made Botan ill.

Ryou and Tomoya using the horoscope machine
Ryou and Tomoya using the horoscope machine

The next day, Tomoya wanted Ryou to be more expressive. He walked home from school with Ryou and she revealed that she wanted to be a nurse and she was about to attend an orientation at a nursing school. Kyou bought a set of tarot cards for Tomoya as a gift for Ryou.

Tomoya went on a date in town with Ryou on Monday. He delivered the tarot cards to Ryou and she offered to divine their fortune, stating that things will return to normal. They also visited the horoscope machine again and shared their first kiss.

Ryou's path

Tomoya bought the Tanzanite pendant. Kyou reported that a rumor about them kissing were spreading in school. Ryou starting becoming more popular among girls due to the increased in accuracy of her fortune telling. She also became more expressive. Tomoya and Ryou were thankful that Kyou brought them together and Tomoya subconsciously started referring to Ryou by her first name.

Kyou's path

Tomoya bought the Amethyst pendant. Rumors started to spread that Tomoya liked Kyou. Ryou became busier divining fortunes for female classmates. She also started becoming more expressive. 2 days later, Kyou did not make lunch for them. Ryou bought bread for Tomoya and herself instead. Ryou explained that she divined her fortune earlier and she drew the Judgment card which signified reunion, decision, restart, and a new path. Tomoya suspected that it described his relationship with Kyou.

The next day, Ryou made lunch for Tomoya, Kyou, and herself. She had improved after Kyou's tutoring. On Saturday, Ryou invited Tomoya for a date in town and they heard classmates whispering about Tomoya two-timing with Ryou. Ryou wanted to buy the Tanzanite pendant and Tomoya offered to buy it for her as a gift. Ryou revealed that she divined their fortune earlier and drew the Death card which signified inevitability, sadness, loss, and misunderstanding.

During the School Founder's Day that Sunday, Ryou shared an ice-cream cone with Tomoya. She started referring to Tomoya by his first name and demanded that he use her first name. Tomoya and Ryou shared a kiss and they were witnessed by Kyou. She ran away crying and Tomoya felt guilty.

The following day, Tomoya went on a date with Ryou in town again. Ryou asked if Tomoya liked her but he couldn't answer. They used the horoscope machine again and it warned them that their relationship could turn sour. Ryou assured Tomoya that they should be brave in confronting the future and that they choose how to react. Tomoya tries harder to commit to Ryou but he ended up feeling worse.

On Tuesday, Ryou made lunch for Tomoya and herself. Tomoya noticed that her hand was bandaged but she tried to hide it by running off to buy drinks. She ran past Kyou and they did not acknowledge each other. Ryou's cooking had improved. Kyou left school shortly after and Tomoya followed her. When he returned, Ryou tried to approach him but he rejected her. She begged him to allow her to help. Ryou and Kyou discussed their feelings at home.

The next day during lunch break, Ryou and Kyou were waiting for Tomoya at the schoolyard. They seemed to have returned to normal. Ryou tried to cook Kyou's signature pork cutlet. She revealed to Tomoya that they had been discussing about them.

The following day, Ryou's classmates requested her to divine Tomoya's fortune using the tarot cards. All 7 cards gave an unfavorable result and portrayed a frightfully accurate representation of his relationship with Ryou and Kyou. Ryou advised Tomoya to be true to his feelings and Kyou admitted that Ryou's divination was accurate.

Tomoya met Kyou at school. He asked what she would do if he were to break up with Ryou and Kyou explained that she will be furious. Tomoya met Ryou after school and she revealed that she knew about Kyou's feelings for Tomoya but she requested Kyou's help to pair her up with Tomoya anyway. She confessed that she felt guilty about her selfishness and that she wanted to be like Kyou. Tomoya snapped; he couldn't bear to lie anymore and rushed to Youhei's dorm room.

Ryou then decided to surrender Tomoya to Kyou. She thanked Tomoya for their limited time together.

Kappei's path

Kappei met Ryou at school and he recognized her as the girl who rescued him after he got rammed by Kyou once before. Kappei and Ryou fell in love with each other. Back at home, Ryou was very happy but she didn't reveal her love for Kappei to Kyou. Kappei then started working at the same hospital that Ryou was working at as a rehab assistant. Kappei had also settled at an apartment and Ryou visited him to cook for him.

Ryou weeping over Kappei's illness
Ryou weeping over Kappei's illness

Some time later, Ryou, Tomoya, and Youhei read in a magazine that Kappei had been suffering from fibular osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer in his right leg for a few years. She revealed that he had been on a daily dose of codeine, a painkiller, and refused to undergo surgery. Ryou couldn't convince Kappei to do so and begged Tomoya to try to convince Kappei.

Tomoya couldn't convince Kappei either and Ryou cried. Yusuke approached them and advised her to give Kappei a new meaning to life. The next day, Ryou expressed her wish to start a family with Kappei. Tomoya described his family life to Kappei to stress on the importance of a 2 parent family. Kappei then decided to undergo the surgery.

A few days later, Ryou revealed that she had found a hospital that could heal his leg without amputating it by using liquid nitrogen to kill the cancerous cells. They revealed that they also had proposed and are now engaged.

5 years later, Ryou was working as a nurse. Ryou and Kappei had been married for 3 years and he had been in rehabilitation ever since. The cancer was almost completely gone and he was about to undergo his final operation.

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