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Saiki appers in The King of Fighters XIII. It is revealed that he is the leader of Those From the Past, the antagonists of the previous two canonical KOF games ( 2003 and XI). He is Ash Crimson's ancestor, and looks nearly identical to him.
Saiki makes his move at the end of the tournament finals, freezing time and appearing before the winning team. A large gate with time-bending powers appears in the distance. There is not enough energy to use the gate, so Saiki plans to use the tournament champions to supply the remaining power. Mukai volunteers to deal with the winning team, but Saiki instead kills him, absorbing his power and transforming into a large, muscular form.
Despite his new form, he is defeated by the tournament champions. Ash Crimson then appears and seemingly kills Saiki, but Saiki instead possesses him. The two fuse into "Evil Ash," a being of massive power. Even with this power, he proves no match for the champions. As the time gate begins to close, Ash retakes control of his body. Saiki begs for him to walk through the gate, stating that they can "start over," but Ash refuses. When the gate closes, the resulting time paradox erases Saiki from existence and, soon after, takes Ash with him. 
With Saiki, Ash, and Those From the Past gone, the timeline changes and it is implied that the entire Ash Saga will be forgotten by the KOF participants.

As a Midboss

The hulking boss version of Saiki attempts to trap the player in a black, tar-like substance; once caught, he will walk up to his opponent and punch them three times before knocking them away. The black tar can be fired straightforward or fall down from above, like Magaki's infamous pink fireballs. Additionally, he can splash tar in front of him, catching players who attempt to rush him down. He has a single Desperation Move, where he freezes time before filling the screen in (non-trapping) black energy.

As a Playable Character

The console version of KOFXIII features Saiki's "normal" form as an unlockable character. He is a head-swap of Ash who uses variations of Ash's moves in conjunction with his own warping techniques.

Command Normal

  • Saiki can perform Ash's b+LK, b+HK command moves in midair. These moves alter his aerial trajectory.


  • Kyoku-no-Tsuki (QCF+P): A standard fireball. It is a dark burst of energy, but doesn't have the same trapping properties as Boss Saiki's projectiles.
  • Hanetsurube-no-Nata (DP+K): A flip-kick, like Ash's Nivose.
  • Kazahazushi-no-Tsuchi (Hold any button after Hanetsurube-no-Nata): Saiki teleports and performs a followup attack.  
  • Hiori-no-Kusabi (QCB+K): Saiki steps forward and delivers a high kick that sends the opponent flying.
  • Ura Shichiri (Hold any button after Hiori-no-Kusabi): Cancels recovery animation into teleport.
  • Shichiri-Gake (Down, Down + Any): Saiki performs a teleport.


  • Washiba Otoshi (QCFx2+K): Flip-kick which launches into a short aerial combo, followed by Saiki stomping on the opponent.
  • Yami-Otoshi (QCFx2+K in air): Saiki warps above the opponent and drops down. If successful, he warps over their body while freezing time, crushes them under his heel for a bit, and casually kicks them away.
  • Tokoyami-no-Fune (QCFx2+P): A super fireball. Like Ash's, it causes multiple hits and moves slowly.
  • Kyoryuu-no-Ori (HCBx2+P): A grab super. Saiki lifts the opponent into the air, draining their energy and restoring a small portion of his own life.


  •  Kasumi (QCB, HCF+2P): Saiki transforms into his boss form and performs a nearly-identical full-screen attack.

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