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Those From the Past date back centuries. They plan to awaken the Orochi entity to gain his power for their master. The members are a mystery with many thought not to be human. The were called "devils" in old Europe and were repelled by the people of that land. The group claims to follow the will of Gaia (much like Orochi & its followers the Hakkesshu).

As they were losing the fight against the ancient Europeans Saiki, the groups leader decided to use "The Gate" a rift in time and space to travel forwards in time to a period where Those From the Past were long forgotten and could strike without fear of interference.

Their overall goal is to gain Orochi's power in the future, travel back through the gate and re-write history with them as the victors.


Saiki (Deceased - Erased from time)


Magaki (Deceased)

Shion (Trapped in another dimension)

Mukai (Deceased)



Various other unnamed members


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