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For the fans, cult or otherwise 3

Well its finally here, when this was first announced I think even the most devoted Saw fanatic scoffed at the premise that it had come to a videogame adaptation of our beloved franchise.  However since this game was first announced and its release, Saw has become a very different monster, Jigsaw has 'evolved' into a maniacal multi-faceted genius, seemingly capable of precognition, aswell as being an expert in human nature. Therefore he presents a very interesting antagonist in the premise that h...

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Saw 4

Saw the game is probably one of the worst games i have ever played. It is given a one and a half star rating because it's gameplay builds up to you fighting a pig head. The pig head is expected to be a tough person to defeat but can be killed without you taking any damage from it. I think the puzzles are just too easy, too predictable and don't really test your skills. The enemies you have to kill die too quickly. The weapons are imaginable and there are a few good choices when you find them but...

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Only Saw Fans May Want To Play this Game 0

    Saw has become pretty popular over the past years, which a new iteration of the movie coming out almost every year. Each movie displays the challenges that Jigsaw lays out for his victims as he attempts to make them appreciate live in his own crazy way. The Saw videogame allows you to play as Detective Tapp as you find out more about his story. The game takes place between Saw I and Saw II, with a few familiar characters in the game that fans will recoginize.  In Saw, you must be ready fo...

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3 Cracked Open Skulls out of 5 0

Where to begin.  Well maybe with some good news.  Saw is actually a decent game.  There it has been said.  Unlike most other film based video games, this one pulls through and doesn't entirely disappoint.  The storyline takes place in an insane asylum and it is your job to make it through all of Jigsaws puzzles and come out alive.  The way the game throws enemies into the playing field is that you have a key that was surgically placed in your body, and all you enemies were told that the key insi...

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Does the Movie Series Justice...Take it For What It's Worth 0

 Originally scheduled to be released by money-heavy but talent-lacking developer Brash Entertainment (creators of such gems as the games Jumper and Space Chimps), Saw seemed to be DOA when the developer finally died under the weight of their suck. Konami, however, stepped in and released the game.And the game actually does the movie series some justice. It is a gory affair, with some rather unpleasant deaths...but the overwhelming game dynamic isn't violence, but puzzle solving. The game ...

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Saw: The Video Game Review 0

By - Craig H.The Saw franchise has 6 films under its belt and can now add a video game to its resume. Most may have assumed that the game would follow the new film or have some ties to the more recent outings but that is not the case. You will have to travel back 4.5 films to just after the events of Saw 1. Maybe this was a way for Konami and developer Zombie to add extra story between each film. This just seems odd to me and most players will not fully remember what happened in the first films ...

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Worth a weekend rental 0

Honestly I'm trying to formulate words that best describes Saw: The Videogame without destroying it verbally, but there is nothing positive to say. To put it simply, this game sucks. I rented it because it looked good on Giant Bombs: Quick Looks. Unfortunately as the game progressed I slowly realized how shitty this game truly was. The story is forgettable, the combat is a joke, and the only thing that I enjoyed the most was the creepy atmosphere that surrounded the player throughout the game.  ...

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A bit rough around the edges, but there's fun to be had here. 0

Saw the game puts you in the boots of Detective Tapp, played by Danny Glover in the films but looking decidedly un-Danny Glover here. It takes place after the first flick in which he is shot, but here is patched up by Jigsaw and put through a gauntlet of deadly trials. The game revolves largely around exploration and puzzle solving, with a little bit of combat thrown in there to keep you on your toes. You'll explore the asylum looking for clues and so forth as you hunt down Jigsaw and free other...

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