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Section 8 Review

Section 8 is a game in which you take on the role of a fast promoted soldier who is part of an elite squad to try to take out the evil in the far frontiers of space. You'll be tasked with capturing different strategics points throughout a level until you can corner the evil-doers. 

Graphically this game is kind of blah. It's not bad looking, but at the same time this game does make me want to scream, wow that looks awesome. Levels do have a certain appeal, but they could be placed in any futuristic first person shooter and look just at home there. 

The sounds of the game work, there are times when you are trying to advance the objectives, perhaps faster than the game would like that you lose parts of them and so you might find yourself a bit lost for a second or two. 

The controls are sufficient until you have to jump. Putting the jump button as one of the shoulder buttons feels a bit awkward, and makes me wish that the default had it as the A button. The aim mechanism is solid in this game. The running portion of the game is where it gets a bit hairy for me. If you press in the left analog stick while moving you'll start to run, run long enough and you build up a meter that once filled will make you run even faster, god forbid you have to stop once in that mode though. You're like the juggernaut, running into things until something strong enough stops you.

This is obviously a game geared towards multi-player gameplay, but to me a game has to have an interesting enough single player, if it has one, to get me to really look forward to the multi-player. This game did not do that. The story was forgettable and flimsy. It also takes about 2 and a half hours to get all the way through. During that time you want to avenge your fallen squad mates, and get to kill the mastermind behind it all. There's no build up. The weapons in the game all had their advantages, but if the single player didn't make me want to play multi-player the weapons even if they were fantastic, weren't going to get me excited. One mechanism that was fun the first couple of times, but got old quick was the dropping in that you got to do every time you started a mission, or had to be redeployed after getting shot. The problem is that there was some time based portions to the game that while you were dropping could expire, and you'd have to do again. Also there was the fact that at certain times you actually got to control your impact place would be, and other times you would just come crashing into the ground. Which reminds me of the fact that crashing into the ground in this game is a bad move, seeing as it shows the pixelation of a specific piece of the level.

If you're looking for an up to 32 player experience on the 360 you might want to rent this game and see if anyone is playing this, or if it is something you can get into. For me personally I was basically done with this game in about 3 hours. This game is worth a quick spin, if you can borrow it from a friend, but otherwise this game might as well just stay on a shelf. This game gets a 5.3 out of 10.


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