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    SecuROM is a controversial form of DRM, most famously used on EA's strategy game Spore.

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    SecuROM is copy protection software created by Sony DADC and used in a number of PC games. Its purpose it to prevent unauthorized reproduction and reverse engineering of software.
    SecuROM is controversial for its installation limits, as well as belief that it is a rootkit. Class-action lawsuits have been filed against Electronic Arts for its use of SecuROM in Spore.

    Activation Limits

    Games using SecuROM may include activation limits, restricting the amount of computers a game can be installed on. Additionally, after a specified period of time the software may need to be re-validated to ensure that it has not been installed on more computers than permitted. Activation will fail if it has been installed on too many computers or if it is unable to connect to the Internet.


    Bioshock was criticized for SecuROM activation limits, as well as including a SecuROM rootkit in Windows installations. 2K Games has denied the existence of any SecuROM toolkit, and Ars Technica's Ken Fisher has also stated that SecuROM is not in fact a rootkit.


    Electronic Arts' Spore was released with a SecuROM activation limit of three computers, with a requirement that it be re-activated every ten days. Many consumers have criticized EA for this, and filesharing blog TorrentFreak reported that Spore was the most pirated game of 2008. Several class-action lawsuits have been filed against EA for its use of SecuROM in Spore.

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