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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 14, 2005

    Follow John Constantine as he fights to save humanity, save the earth and save his own soul.

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    Meet John Constantine a selfish, chain smoking servant of God, looking to redeem an early suicide attempt by vanquishing evil and demons the world over. You play as this mystic detective as you journey beneath Los Angeles to a supernatural world of evil and horror.The only way to make your way through this journey alive is to rely on your holy weapons and your true sight ability which helps to uncover secrets and enemies amidst the evil and the horror.

    Starring Hellblazer star John Constantine, Constantine tells the tale of the eponymous hero's battle against the forces of evil when he finds that fully fledged demons are crossing over into our world with seemingly no care at all. When Constantine's associate, Beeman sends Constantine to investigate this problem, he meets up with Father Hennessy who acts as a sidekick, giving help with a special Storm Crow spell.
    As the game opens, John is being bought into a hotel to draw a soldier demon out of a little girl. Once the exorcism is over, the woman wakes up, confused. Back in Beeman's office, John is told that the line between Hell and Earth is substantially weaker than it should be. Moving to the back of the room where there is a slight leak, John steps into a puddle, speaks a spell under his breath and finds himself in Hell.
    As John arrives in Hell, he notices people being torn to shreds by demons, being tortured for all eternity. Then as he looks up, he realises the demons are moving in to attack him. Dispatching them, John moves on to search Hell for the first part of a dissassembled Holy Shotgun whilst watching the evils and cruelties of Hell for himself. As he looks for the piece, more and more souls are butchered and more demons try to take John out.
    Reaching a dead end, Johnis grabbed by a seplavite and dragged through Hell from the sky. Finally the seplavite drops John who finds himself ambushed by crowds of demons, right next to the building with the final Holy Shotgun piece. Grabbing it, he uses a Holy Water ampoule he kept on him and ports out of Hell.
    Cutting to a bar full of half-breeds, John enters and informs the bartender of his experience in Hell. John gives the bartender a tarot card and watches the bartender spontaneously combust. John searches for Hennessy but immediately finds himself assaulted by demons in the darkness. Finding Hennessy, John tells him about the horrors he experienced in Hell. Hennessy explains about Thomas Elriu, apparently an angel half-breed who for some unknown reason killed himself. John heads off to find Elriu's apartment and Hennessy relinquishes a powerful spell, the Storm Crow to defend against the impending attacking demons.
    After climbingto the top floor of Elriu's apartment complex, John looks for the keys to an elevator. Finding odd symbols on the walls of the apartment, he also finds a secret room with the keys inside of it. Opening the door, he finds a half-breed and a dead human. Fighting and defeating the half-breed, two cops and Father Hennessy step out of the elevator, and as the cops search the area, Hennessy takes John through the top floor of the complex. As John shows Hennessy the symbols, he reveals he's making his way to the basement.

    After making his way to the basement, John finds a locked door and looks for the keys, fending off the usual assaults from demons. After proceeding through a dank sewer maze, John finally finds the keys but enounters another problem. A series of cables have created a barrier of electricity stopping him from getting past them. Whilst looking for a generator, John finds the Crucifier, alont with a message from Elriu, noting "If you are reading this, I have already left this plane."
    Looking throughout a storeroom, John finds a grate that leads to the generator room. Locking off the power, he heads to the locked up area. Finding the place filled with water, John utters another spell and John finds himself once more in Hell.

    In the basement, John finds a locked door and starts searching for the keys to the door, while experiencing the usual demon attacks. After a dark sewer maze, John finds the keys but encounters another problem:a bunch of cables have created a slight barrier of electricity that blocks his path. To get past them, he needs to find a generator. He uses the keys to open the locked door and finds a storeroom inside. John's second weapon, the Crucifier, is found inside the storeroom, along with a message from Elriu, stating the use of the Crucifier and one informative message:"If you are reading this, I have already left this plane". Now equipped with the Crucifier, John searches the rest of the storeroom, finding a grate that leads to the generator room. He shuts off the power and heads for the blocked area, which is filled with water. John utters the incantation and is sent to Hell.



    Directed by...Dylan Beale
    Written by...Flint Dille & John Zuur Platten


    Gabriel...Tilda Swinton
    Balthazar...Gavin Rossdale
    Beeman...Max Baker
    Voice #1...Dave Fouquette
    Voice #2...Vanessa Marshall
    Voice #3...Fred Tatasciore
    Voice #4...William Hope (credited as Bill Hope)
    Voice #5...Amber Rose Sealy
    Voice #6...Kerry Shale
    Voice #7...Colin McFarlene
    Voice #8...Dan Russel
    Voice #9...Noah Lee Margetts (credited as Noah 'Lee' Margetts)
    Voice #10...Corey Johnson
    Voice #11...Glenn Rage


    The game recieved little positive response from gamers or critics alike. Gamespot cited dull level design and terrible frame rates in their review, giving it 6.4/10 and noting "Constantine would work much better as a budget offering. So if you're looking to spend $39.99 on an action game, there are better choices out there." whilst IGN gave the game a 'passable' 6.5/10, remarking "Constantine's disparate mix of genuine style, effort, questionable design, and uncomplicated, unexciting gameplay still make for a title that is strangely compelling."


    The name of the first level is Hellblazer, a nod to the comic book that the game and film are based upon.

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