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Sega Racing Classic is an HD remake of the classic arcade racer Daytona USA, using the RingWide arcade board. It was first shown at a private showing at the 2009 JAMMA expo and is expected to have a wide release in 2010. It was made as a result of Daytona USA's enduring popularity. According to Highwaygames , Sega Racing Classic features:

  • 32" high-def widescreen with 1280 X 720 resolution
  • Up to four cabinets can be linked for multiplayer
  • Eye-catching cabinet (see image) with color-changing LED lights and a billboard leader display
  • That classic Daytona USA gameplay

The three courses from Daytona USA (Three Seven Speedway, Dinosaur Canyon, Sea Side Street Galaxy) will be included, in a higher resolution and in true 16:9 widescreen compared to the original.

The game was used for the digital re-release of Daytona USA for home consoles with all Daytona references restored.

The Sega Racing Classic cabinet
The Sega Racing Classic cabinet

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