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    Shi No Numa

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    Shi No Numa is the third zombie map released for Call Of Duty: World At War in Map Pack 2. It takes place in a zombie swamp and has many new features.

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    Shi No Numa, Japanese for "Swamp of Death" takes place in a large swamp and features Imperial Zombies, HellHounds, and a new weapon called the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This is also the first Nazi Zombie map to feature multiple playable characters, with each one from one of the four factions in the game, America, Germany, Japan, and Russia. These Characters are;
    Tank Dempsey - American
    This wartime hero is a Staff Sergent in the Marine Corps
    Edward "The Doc" Richtofen - German
    This sociopthic Nazi doctor is associated with the Illuminati and is a key player to this horrific outbreak
    Takeo Masaki - Japanese
    Honor bound and bloodthirsty, Takeo is part of the Japanese Imperial Army.
    Nikolai Belinski - Russian
    This drunken Red Army Sergent has fought and killed and lives only to kill, though he is the comedic relief of the group.


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