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    A fictional meteoric element in the Call of Duty Zombies storyline. Also known as "Element 115," its strange properties include the power to reanimate dead tissue, thus turning corpses into zombies.

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    Divinium (often called Element 115) is a meteoric element responsible for the creation of the zombies in the Call of Duty franchise, specifically in the Zombies co-op mode that is a staple of the Black Ops sub-franchise. Many devices and weapons in Zombies are powered by Divinium, such as the Ray Gun and the Pack-A-Punch machines, and pieces of Divinium-containing meteorites can be found in several Zombies maps.

    The names "Element 115" and "Divinium" predate the real-life recognition of moscovium, the 115th element on the periodic table. However, moscovium was discovered in 2003, after which debates continued for more than 10 years over its possible status as a new element. It seems likely that the games' developers knew that a real 115th element could be officially named at any time, and perhaps introduced the name "Divinium" to distinguish Element 115 from its real-world counterpart.


    Divinium originates with the Apothicons, an ancient race of evil aliens, who sent the element to Earth inside of meteorites in order to create conflict and chaos among humans. Centuries later, Group 935, a group of scientists working for Nazi Germany, discovered the element and began to study its possible uses. Among these scientists were Dr. Edward Richtofen and the group's founder, Dr. Ludvig Maxis.


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