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A somewhat buggy but fun entry in the Silent hill series 0

Much of the Silent Hill series had an ability to really creep the player (or anyone watching) out, and send delightful feelings of dread to one’s mind. Feelings that make you honestly afraid to explore farther then what you thought was necessary to get past an area. This entry has successfully done the same. I have played all of the Silent Hill games except the PSP title, Origins, and the only one among those that I haven’t beaten was Silent Hill 4: The Room. And I watched half of the movie befo...

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Just like Alex returns home, we return back to a beloved series 1

Silent Hill is one of the scariest series i have ever played. Nothing has scared me as much as this series has, so it's safe to say that i'm a big fan of Silent Hill. The last major Silent Hill console game was a disappointment, and the movie wasn't any better. So it took some time before we got a quality Silent Hill game again with Silent Hill 0rigins, which was a pretty good game. But sadly it seems that since Silent Hill 4: The Room, Team Silent is focusing on other things, and don't have tim...

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Knifing your worries away. 0

Who doesn't love a game where you play a person dealing with a deep personal drama, and the only way they can deal with it is going to a foggy town where all those things you thought were under your bed, are set front and center in your face for you to beat to death with a rusty pipe.In case you haven't played it yet, i'm talking about Silent Hill.And there mascot, Robbie the Bloody Bunny A franchise everyone refers too when they explain what they want from a horror game. Even when Silent ...

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You Really Can Never Go Home Again 1

   Silent Hill has a history of two things: somewhat confusing, albeit meaningful stories and scarring you for life. The games have always managed to evoke deep levels of emotion and fear, even when the gameplay itself was a little less than stellar. Let's be honest, the first couple games were only playable in the sense that they got your character from beginning to end. Silent Hill: Homecoming almost ended up completely switching the formula, giving you deep, tight controls with a mostly passa...

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Homecoming Review 2

Story: I'm not going to go into details on the story much, just because this is a 100% story driven kind of game. But, Ill say this. You play as Alex Shepherd. A recently discharged soldier making his way back to his hometown of Shepherd Glen. Upon arriving, he is met by an unearthly thick fog, empty town, a near catatonic mother, and monsters that look like they had just crawled up out of the 5th circle of hell. As Alex, you must get to the bottom of what is plaguing this town (eventually leadi...

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Review 0

 The survival/horror genre has came a long way since Edward Carnaby made his first steps in Alone in the Dark. Nowadays Japanese developers are dominating in this genre, Capcom with their zombie-shooter Resident Evil and Konami with Silent Hill series. It was a big surprise when two years ago Konami announced that a American developer is going to work on next game and not their own Team Silent. Double Helix has been given an opportunity to show what they can. Never heard of Double Helix? They ...

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Silent Hill Goes Down Hill 0

I have been a huge fan of the Silent Hill series since the beginning. I just loved the creepy atmosphere and character driven storyline. I found this latest installment to be a disappointment mainly because of its lack of overall polish, uninteresting characters, and game play elements/mechanics that at this point feel dated. The combat system has been streamlined to be a faster, more fluid experience, and to the developers credit, it is. The problem now is that they made it almost too easy to d...

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Going Home to Silent Hill 0

Silent Hill is one of those games that makes you shudder when you hear the name. When you hear the name Silent Hill, you expect to be disturbed, freaked out and distraught as you trudge through the mind boggling levels and encounter strange creatures.Silent Hill Homecoming continues this tradition of survival horror with a new storyline, new characters and a new town. The story is that Alex Shepard, who recently got discharged from the military, is returning home. He finds out that is little bro...

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Silent hill shall be silent 1

Silent hill Homecomming, Well good thing i didn't pay full price for this.i loved Silent hill 1-3 So i was expecting something good from homecomming cause i didnt think they were going to suck as hard as Silent hill 4, I was right in the sence that this game is not all bad.First of all, The good points, Seeing as how there are little of those in coimparison to the bad points, For starters the combat was good, In silent hill standards the combat feels a little like walking in some glue but homec...

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Though I walk on the hill of silence, I shall fear no monsters. 0

Silent Hill: Homecoming is the sixth title in the Silent Hill franchise, immediately following Silent Hill: Origins' release and occurring somewhere around Silent Hill: The Room in the chronology. Homecoming tells the story of a young soldier, Alex, who returns to his hometown from the war, only to find his once familiar neighborhood transformed by the malign influence of Silent Hill's occult power. As he slowly uncovers the mystery of what is happening in town, Alex is also trying to find his y...

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Brutal, gorey and atmospheric yet still not all that scary. 0

Silent Hill Homecoming...Alot has to be said about just how different it is when compared to its predecessors.No surprise when considering the major alteration of developer, fortunatly the changes that consist stray much more towards an improvement rather than a step or two down...the majority of them at least.Silent Hill Homecoming or Silent Hill 5 as originally known (though in fact is the 6th in the series chronologically) was released for most of the world all the way back in October 2008, s...

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Best game i have ever played.... 0

Silent Hill :Homecoming is a blood and gore violent sandbox game that is the 5th game of the Silent Hill series.In this game,we see a new character,Alex Shepherd,after being down in army battle,he is taken to a unknown hospital,in Silent Hill.Alex is helpless in the hospital,realesed from his chains,and looking for his family.In the beginning of the game you look around in a creepy room,finding health drinks,and flashlights etc.You see Josh in the hospital,and follows him.You find a combat knife...

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a worthy but not a groundbreadking sequel. way better than "the r 1

 Silent hill homecoming is the latest installment up to date in silent hill series. the previous was "the room". to me "the room" was very uninspered and a lot repetitive. a total letdown.homecoming received bad reviews and i hesitated before i played it. a lot. 2 weeks before this review i decided to install it. the very beggining of the game was very cliche a la silent hill to me. but after a 30 minute of gameplay it seemed really good and promising. by the very end i found a pretty good solid...

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Silent Hill: The Movie: The Game: The disappointment 0

The Silent Hill series, up until recently, has been all about singular, frightening moments that stay with me for days. Silent Hill opened with you being killed in a dark alley by knife wielding fleshy midgets; Silent Hill 2 had the now almost cliché scene of Pyramid Head getting his forcible freak on with leggy mannequins while you watched from the closet. Three had an incredibly disturbing scene with a mirror bleeding into a room and up your legs. Even Silent Hill 4, as much of a departure fro...

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How does survival horror become ho-hum? 0

 I love the Silent Hill series. My first one was Silent Hill 2 on PS2. It was an amazing experience and I've been a fan ever since. That said, Silent Hill: Homecoming probably holds the record for the longest period of time it's taken me to finish a Silent Hill game. I spent the last four hours (or so my wife says) playing it and though at first I was frustrated with it (for it's lack of health items and somewhat steep difficulty), I can safely say there's nothing really inherently wrong with Si...

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Effort was in short supply 0

I started playing Silent Hill 2 on my PS2 some time ago, and I thought this would be a nice addition. I have not finished SL2 yet, but I like what I have seen so far. But, I cannot say the same for this game. But I shall admit, I did play this game on the PC, and most of my issues with the game stem from the extremely sloppy port that was, I’m going to say, attempted. But, I shall get to that in a bit. First, the game is not that extremely scary. Sure, its spooky, and has lots of fog, and the ...

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This is not a Silent Hill game. 0

I had always dreaded playing this game, because I am a fan of the Silent Hill series, but this seems to have spit in the face of the series. None of what transpired in this game had any relevance to the game, but rather the movie (Which in retrospect wasn't that bad, for a movie based on a video game) with shades of Jacob's Ladder (Including a whole lifted scene from the film).The story is standard fare, you play as a discharged soldier returning home (Already they made the error with descriptio...

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Deleted! 0

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Some neat ideas can't help this from being the worst Silent Hill 0

Team Silent was the devleoper behind Silent Hill 1-4. They created some of the most memorable horror experiences for the Playstation 2 era. Silent Hill 2, in particular, is seen a masterpiece by many fans of horror gaming. This is why it seemed particularly odd when Konami decided to have a Western studio, Double Helix, create the next game in the franchise. It wasn’t the first, preceded by Silent Hill: Origins on the PSP (developed by another Western studio, Climax) the year before, but it was ...

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A regretable waste of time and money. 0

I've already wasted enough time on this game so I'm not going to waste any more by getting into a big review about it.My complaints come down to these issues:The engine has a lot of bugs, missing, cutoff and misplaced sounds, glitchy and inconsistent gameplay and a very broken combat system.The American developers of this version didn't hold true to the original idea and now it seems to just be a conveyor belt of horror cliches. It does not deserve the Silent Hill name.Save points are few and fa...

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Silent Hill Homecoming review 1

Silent Hill Homecoming is the newest in the Silent Hill Franchise. It is also the first one to be released on Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. You assume the role of Alex Shepard. A soldier returning to his hometown of Shepard's Glen. However as things are not all puppy dogs and rainbows in Shepard's Glen as you will come to learn. The game begins with you strapped to a gurney and dragged through what appears to be a dilapidated hospital. Where you eventually escape and end up in Shepard's ...

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This Homecoming Ain't No Celebration 0

  A nurse -- sinister in appearance is hovering over you. The sound of wheels can be heard below your motionless body. You wake up strapped to a bed in what appears to be a grotesque hospital. The male nurse carts you into a room that looks more like an interrogation chamber than the room of a patient; then he leaves into the impenetrable darkness that lies beyond your room. Soon thereafter, you hear a crunching sound and a scream. Not willing to risk the nurse's fate, you bust out of your shack...

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Ma, I'm Coming Home 0

Alex Shepard is a lot tougher than previous Silent Hill Protagonists. Silent Hill Homecoming is the 6th title to bear the Silent Hill name. It incorporates elements from the previous games, but includes a few new tweaks and enhancements to reach a bigger audience. This franchise in my opinion has always had an appealing feature to the gamers that loves horror games, due to its usually vulnerable characters, disturbing creatures, and the infamous foggy town of the game.  Homecoming strays a litt...

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Far from being instant classic but still pretty satisfying. 0

Years in the making and another several months for PAL regions availability, the fifth game in the main series of Silent Hill is finally out on the 360. There were many concerns about this one being developed by not only some other studio than Team Silent but also a western developer. Fortunately it turns out that this American take on Japanese take on American horror is better than expected. Game is heavily inspired by the 2006 movie adaptation of the series so it's a bit like game to movie an...

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Where'!? (Silent Hill: Homecoming Review) 0

IntroOf all of the video games I have played, the Silent Hill series has always been my personal favorite, most specifically the second game.  It blended atmosphere and great story with suspense and fears that hit so deep it was ... well, terrifying.  I have never played a game as mentally disturbing as any of the first three games in the Silent Hill franchise, and after playing Silent Hill 4: The Room I was almost convinced that the series was finally beginning to lose its touch.  It had an int...

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Home? Hell? What's the difference? 1

WELCOME HOMEIn this latest installment to Silent Hill series, you play as Alex Shepperd, and you are on your way home. Throughout the majority of the game you are looking for your younger brother Josh. Overall this game was a lot of fun, and there were a few scary parts.KILL ME! IM AN UGLY MONSTER!The monsters and creatures in Silent Hill: Homecoming look absolutely amazing. There are a wide variety of monsters in this crazy adventure. The boss battles are sometimes challenging, but after dying ...

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Moral Choices, lame but cant take away from a great game. 0

Allow me to take a page out of the biter’s handbook and follow m’man Chud Rock’s lead as I reach into the knapsack for some GBU action, let’s go back to last fall’s Silent Hill-Homecoming…also partly inspired by this week’s exciting news of a Silent Hill 1 remake. I know you guys are sayin to yerselves, “but Raw, aren’t you gonna be dissapointed by the graphics on the Wii?”….Not at all peeps, as long as it looks as good as SH3 did on the PS2, I’ll be ready to take a trip back to the lovely land ...

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Scare Tatics 0

I've only played three Silent Hill games ever and let me tell you, this one is the most tense and dramatic of the series. Of course, it's not as memorable as Silent Hill 2 or 3, but with the current-gen graphical power, you can really add tense moments that just weren't possible before.  For example, fog; the fog in the previous Silent Hills were basically barriers that guided you linearly through the town and buildings, but in Homecoming, it sets a mood; a tense, dead, terrifying mood that real...

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