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SimTown was released for the PC in 1995. It was developed and published by Maxis Software. The game is a construction and management simulation, very similar to SimCity (although marketed towards much younger audiences). SimTown is one of the several Sim spin-offs. SimTown was also published by Imagineer in Japan as SimCity Jr. on the Super Famicom in 1996.


A house in SimTown.
A house in SimTown.

SimTown is very similar to SimCity, although the game is much smaller and simpler. Instead of managing an entire city, players build and monitor a small town. When the game begins, the player has a flat area where they can begin building a town. Homes, offices, and other buildings (such as libraries and city halls) can be placed in the town, as well as roads and plants (which do nothing in improving the town). SimTown's primary objective is to merely keep everyone in the town happy. Thus, the player's role in this is to control essential supplies (water, trees, farm crops, recycling, etc). The exact amount that is needed depends on the size of the town, and how many credits have been awarded. For example, trees and ponds require water, while a commercial building will create trash that must be dealt with.

Other aspects must be kept in check as well. For example, the amount of adults in the town must be balanced with the amount of jobs. Each house contains two children, two adults, and one pet. Adults with no jobs will begin to neglect caring for their home (with it showing signs of this neglect; the home begins to collapse), until the family moves out. In a contrasting example, businesses with no employees will show the same signs of disrepair.

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