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    Sin Tzu

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    Sin Tzu is the main villain in Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu.

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    History Of Sin Tzu

    Sin Tzu was born in South East Asia, however he was abandoned as a little boy. Sin Tzu was adopted by an Indian cult, where he learned there ways and combat skills. When his new family was being pursued by police, they hid him in one of many caves. Sin Tzu found their mystical maps that talked about enhancing ones mind so much that the person could control minds. With this great power, Sin Tzu quickly made an army that was loyal only to him. Sin Tzu began his career as a warlord, taking over India with an iron fist. Sin Tzu captured city's and countries for thrill, he cared little about the chaos of the area once he left. He would entrust one of his men to be his eyes and ears at that certain area. When he heard about Gotham's Dark Knight he formed a plan to defeat him, and thrown into arkham. Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin battled their way through some of Arkham's strongest inmates like Scarecrow, Bane, and Clayface. Batman then engaged Sin Tzu in combat, the battle was hard,  but Batman emerged victor. Sin Tzu said that he would come back.

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