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    This "Evil Lord of Destruction" would rule Eternia if it weren't for He-Man! Though not explicitly said, he is considered by some to be an evil lich.

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    Skeletor plans to conquer Eternia by capturing the mysterious powers of Castle Greyskull. He plots his his evil deeds in his fortress, Snake Mountain, surrounded by his faithful minions.

    Skeletor is often joined in battle by his purple panther steed, Panthor.

    A reference to Skeletor appears in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade; the Horde's Arathi Basin battle master in Shattrah City has the name Keldor the Lost, is undead with blue skin and wears an outfit similar to the one of Skeletor. The Season Two Gladiator Arena set for Rogues also has a very similar helm to Skeletor's original costume with a Skull emanating from a Hood.


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