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Good Fun

 I've been playing SC since it came out on dreamcast way back in the day. I'm not what you would call a "hardcore fighter" type of person, but I know a good game when I see it. So when I heard about this coming out for 360, I was rather excited. 

The gameplay is clean and crisp. Online is fun and can get Addictive trying to get that next online level. I know I spent a good hour saying "this is my last match" only to jump right back in again. The Single player modes are fun, and getting new unlocks almost every time keeps the replay value high.

Now for Yoda, Who everyone prob wants to know about. Some say he's "broken" because you can't throw the lil guy. The counter to this is pretty much all of his attack Req that he jump in the air and do crazy summersaults and the like. People can easly knock him out of the air and have there way with him. He's fun to use once you get used to him. 

I have not played the game enough yet to give any other insights too, so in closing, if your just a fan of good games, give this one a look.    

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