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A Broken Man

This Spec Ops is easily the best in the Spec Ops franchise. What really sets this one apart is the story. I got it cheap from an online retail website for only $4.95 (PC Download). I was very impressed. I went in with kinda low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. The game is filled with moral choices and they're all pretty bad in a moral sense, there is no nice options, only less horrible ones. It's a slow start, but once it picks up you wont want to put it down.

The game looks pretty damn good as well. Many points in the game I stopped an did a slow 360 pan of the wasteland that was once a beautiful city. With the different moral choices I felt I had to play it twice and see the other options.

The combat felt good.(3rd person cover shooter.)

The unique way the characters voices change as the game goes on is very interesting and I feel more games should implement. As you progress into the story and kill more and more enemies, the characters will change how they say lines for example "Get to cover" turns into "I need f***ing cover now". And your voice isn't the only change, your melee combat will get progressively more violent.

I played very little of the multiplayer and don't recommend that.

Overall I was extremely impressed with the game and I felt blown away by the end. Maybe it was all the negative talk before and me having not too high of hopes going in, but I really enjoyed my time with Spec Ops: The Line.

After you beat the game listen to Gamespot's Spoilercast with GiantBomb's own Jeff Gerstmann. It explains a ton about the story that you probably didn't even notice and makes this story even better!

So, buy it cheap and play it. Oh and Nolan North!

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