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    Splatterhouse 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Aug 04, 1992

    Rick returns to the West Mansion to kick evil's ass and save his (real) girlfriend in Splatterhouse 2.

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    Studly Rick Taylor returns, Terror Mask in hand (or rather, on face), to fight the forces of darkness and save his lovely girlfriend Jennifer...again.

    The gameplay of Splatterhouse 2 is virtually identical to its predecessor: run through myriad horror-themed levels, killing myriad monsters with any weapon Rick can find--or his bare hands. Each level ends with a grotesque boss creature for Rick to slay, just like the original Splatterhouse.

    The story in Splatterhouse 2 involves the mask informing Rick that Jennifer is still alive and makes him return to the ruins of West Mansion in an attempt to save her. Much of the plot was lost during the game's Western localisation (from the Japanese Splatterhouse Part 2). One of the things lost in translation was an explanation why there seems to be a new West Mansion beyond the one that burnt down in the first game.


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