Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

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    Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run is the third game in the vehicle-combat franchise. Nowhere to Run is the first game to add on-foot missions to the series.

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    The devious NOSTRA corporation devises a plan to steal the government’s newest technology including the most advanced spy car, the Interceptor. It is up to Alex Decker (the main character) to prevent this from happening. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s likeness is used for Decker’s character because he was the star of the intended Spy Hunter movie that this game was meant to be a tie-in to. Eventually, the Spy Hunter movie was cancelled, but it was decided to release Nowhere to Run anyway because the game was nearly completed at the time.


    Nowhere to Run is composed of 12 missions that incorporate third-person character combat as well as the series’ traditional vehicular combat. During on-foot missions, Decker can perform a variety of melee moves inspired by The Rock's wrestling career, even though there is plenty of gunplay involved. Melee combat is brawler-esque and features many of The Rock’s signature moves such as "The Rock Bottom".

    The vehicular combat remains similar to Spy Hunter tradition and features some notable upgrades. Players can trigger "Salvo Mode" which slows down time for a brief period allowing for large hordes of enemies to be taken out quickly. Flares and secondary weapons such as turret guns are also new additions.


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