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    Star Trek: Borg

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 06, 1996

    Travel back in time with Q in this rather unforgiving FMV game.

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    Star Trek: Borg is a 1996 first-person point-and-click adventure game, developed and published by Simon & Schuster Interactive. The game follows a young Starfleet cadet whose father was killed by the Borg. Years later, the Borg have returned, and the vengeful Starfleet officer is barred from duty due to his impulses for revenge. Fortunately, the all-powerful Q is all too willing to assist him.

    The game shipped on three CD-ROM discs. The first two discs contain the game and the third contains The Picard Dossier, an interactive multimedia presentation of sorts detailing the Borg. The graphics are made up entirely of full-motion video sequences. John de Lancie reprises his role as Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The video sequences were produced on sets from Star Trek: Voyager.


    As Cadet Qaylan Furlong, the player clicks on hotspots to interact with people, objects, and puzzles, similar to Myst. Player death is common, sometimes without warning, although Q is able to give the player another try thanks to his omnipotent power, making some of the puzzle sequences less frustrating. However, certain gameplay scenarios will result in Q scolding the player, and the game quitting out immediately after.


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