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    Whoever built, discovered or reverse-engineered them, teleporters get you where you want to go immediately. Hopefully without materializing you halfway into a wall.

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    Team Fortress 2

    Engineers in Team Fortress 2 can build teleporters. The engineer must bulid an entrance and an exit before the teleporter can function properly. Once a player uses a teleporter it must recharge before it is used again. A teleporter is built at level 1 and can then be upgraded to levels 2 and 3. Each level has a different recharge time: level 1 recharges in 10 seconds, level 2 in 5 and level 3 in 2 seconds. Teleporters in Team Fortress 2 are important for both the attackers and defenders as it allows players, particularly the slower classes, to quickly travel to the front line.

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