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    The dispenser has many purposes from healing to replenishing the ammo supply of allies within range.

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    Team Fortress 2

    In Team Fortress 2, the dispenser is a device that only the Engineer class can build. It is used to replenish teammates health and ammo. It is often placed close to a Sentry so that the Engineer can be automatically refiled with Metal so that he can repair or upgrade his sentry. Dispensers cost 100 metal to build, they can hold up to 400 metal and generate 40 metal every 5 seconds. Dispensers can also be upgraded to a further 2 levels. The second level dispenser generates 50 metal every 5 seconds and in addition heals teammates at a faster rate. A level 3 dispenser heals at an even faster rate and generates 60 metal every 5 seconds.

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