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    A King of the Hill map for Team Fortress 2.

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    Harvest began its life as a non-official map developed by Sean "Heyo" Cutino.
    Valve brought the King of the Hill version of this map into official status for the game. Harvest began life as an Arena map which can still be downloaded, there also exists an Event version of the map. The point of this map is to take control of the Control Point in the center of the map, and hold that point for a total of three minutes.


    There are three main areas on the map as follows:
    • The Center Shed - Located at the center of the map, this bombed out shed houses the Control Point for the map. The shed is open at both ends, as well as having most of its roof missing.
    • The Farm Houses - Located in front of each team spawn area, the farm houses are two story buildings with windows that look out over the center shed.
    • Side Sheds - These sheds are open on one end only and house med packs.

    Hallowe'en Special

    The Ghost of Zepheniah
    The Ghost of Zepheniah
    During the Hallowe'en Special in 2009, Vavle made a special, spooky themed version of the map available for play. In this version health packs are replaced with chocolate bars and candy tins. Pumpkin Bombs are scattered across the map and explode when shot doing damage to any one near. When a player is killed they have a chance to drop a critical boosting Halloween pumpkin filled with candy, which was only available during the Hallowe'en Special. 
    An Easter egg exists in the Hallowe'en Special version of the map, in which the ghost of Zepheniah Mann wanders the map, haunting those who dare get too close.

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