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    The characters in the Worms series of games.

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    Worms are an aggressive group of critters. These guys fight to the death over land, using what ever weapons in the arsenal (including themselves at times) to completely destroy the opposing force, which is also made up of Worms.

    They have two methods in which to dispose of the opposing force; shoot them till they run out of health, or knock them off the land into deep water. While these tatics may sound crude and simple, pulling them off can prove to be quite a challenge at times. These Worms can burrow into the ground, lay mines, call in air strikes and teleport around the battlefield.

    Combat among other creatures can at times become chaotic, but Worms understand the true warriors code. They take turns. The Worm warrior code concists of each side firing one shot each in a pre-determined order, with no Worm firing another shot untill his other (still living) team members hav fired a shot as well (or at least skipped their turn by amusing themselves with a little jump rope).


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